About Cattery

Our small British shorthairs cattery Aluona*LT is registered in FIFe from September, 2008 and we belong to Latvian Cat Fancier’s Club Association ”Selena”.
Our main goal is to breed healthy and social british shorthaired cats
in strong type. We have kittens in various solid colors, but our dream to get a cinnamon/fawn british cat in the strongest type according to the standart and our vision. We are glad to be the first cattery in Lithuania, who have cinnamon and fawn colors !!!

About Breed

The British Shorthair is a study in roundness. He has a large round head, round eyes and rounded paws. Even his tail has a rounded tip. He was once known as the British Blue because he came only in that color, but these days his short, plush coat comes in many different colors and patterns. There is also a longhaired variety, called the British Longhair. Except for his coat, the British Longhair is the same as the British Shorthair.